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morning meal with moleskine

3 April 2006

My morning meal, laptop and planner (with handy-dandy new homemade pen holder, more details on that later) on a sunny day. I love toast with Marmite!


new mechanical pencil: papermate apex

24 March 2006

Shown in the photo is the .7mm though I bought the .5mm. It’s sturdy, well-built, heavy, with nice metal parts. It has a twist-up eraser and its “gimmick” is that the entire point retracts into the body, preventing “pocket damage.” I like it.

Edit: The grip is a non-squishy rubber (it doesn’t feel like it would get icky with use like other more porous rubber grips tend to do) with a nice raised texture of little circles. Good amount of anti-slide for the fingers. I tend to like a harder grip or no grip on my pencils (I hate all those super-squishy grips you can’t get a hold on) so it suits me well. Thanks for asking!