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morning meal with moleskine

3 April 2006

My morning meal, laptop and planner (with handy-dandy new homemade pen holder, more details on that later) on a sunny day. I love toast with Marmite!


moleskine large memo pockets

21 March 2006

I covet this. I’m not sure what I’d use it for. I used the small memo pockets to hold a Hipster PDA with 3×5″ index cards for awhile, but when I got my 2006 Weekly Planner I phased out the HPDA system.

Does anyone have the large memo pockets? Like it? What do you use yours for?

moleskine plus cat equals delightful

19 March 2006

Even my cat Sam is in love with my Moleskine Diary.

I’ve been using it for three months now and am so pleased with it. What do you think? Have you been thrilled or disappointed with your Moleskine Diary? I have the week-at-a-glance version. I use Post-Its for my tasks. I like it.

almost 2006…

31 December 2005

And time to open my Moleskine Weekly Diary. It’s gorgeous – I can’t believe I waited this long to start using it. I know I’ll enjoy it all year, and look forward to the next one.

This “return to analog” is refreshing.

moleskine diary 2006

21 November 2005


I found one a few months ago and it’s taken all my willpower not to tear it out of its plastic.

I’m waiting to open it as a special New Year’s gift to myself.

It’s gorgeous, and looking inside the one in the store, I know it’s perfect: week-to-two-pages, each day getting a full column (like in iCal), beautiful paper of course, and a pull-out address book to take with me next year.