my collection

  • moleskine diary 2006
    Moleskine Weekly Planner 2006
    , large
  • Native Flowers journal front
    Native Flowers Journal
    by Jill Bliss
  • Rhodia - R14200
    Rhodia No. 16 pad, lined

  • Ciak lined journal

  • ADOC system notebook

2 Responses to “my collection”

  1. Dianne Miller Says:

    I too have always been drawn to paper and pencil and ink. 🙂 My family laughs that I enjoy looking in the stationary sections at all the pens and pencils, etc. Trouble is, when I get them home I hate to mar them by using them. But I am now old enough to know that eventually ink dries, and better items come along so I might as well use them. Sad thing is that I now really only use them to do puzzles and make lists.

  2. tschai Says:

    hi! looks like i have found another “paper addict” on the net. i’ve been making journals for 2 years and obsessing about it since forever. do check out my journals and let me know what you think… i live for comments. i love making them that i just had to sell them to finance my “vice” hahhahah. see you also in flicker.

    tschai of papersandtschai

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