new mechanical pencil: papermate apex

24 March 2006

Shown in the photo is the .7mm though I bought the .5mm. It’s sturdy, well-built, heavy, with nice metal parts. It has a twist-up eraser and its “gimmick” is that the entire point retracts into the body, preventing “pocket damage.” I like it.

Edit: The grip is a non-squishy rubber (it doesn’t feel like it would get icky with use like other more porous rubber grips tend to do) with a nice raised texture of little circles. Good amount of anti-slide for the fingers. I tend to like a harder grip or no grip on my pencils (I hate all those super-squishy grips you can’t get a hold on) so it suits me well. Thanks for asking!


6 Responses to “new mechanical pencil: papermate apex”

  1. kiwi-d Says:

    Looks good. Guess I’ll have to add it to my “wish-list” of future purchases. Whats the grip section like – rubber, smooth, contoured?

  2. Charles Leach Says:

    Can’t find erasers for this pencil, need help.

  3. Christine Says:

    What i find wrong with it is that you have to constantly click the retraction to get the lead out. And then it doesn’t give you instructions on how to do it effectively. ^^; How do you do it?

  4. Jenny Wang Says:

    Christine: To advance the lead without clicking the retraction, don’t click as hard. Once the tip is out, there should be 2 stops on the click. The first stop only advances lead while the second will retract the tip.

  5. forrest lin Says:

    how to i make the tip go in?

  6. Kelly Says:

    I cannot find them anywhere…My husband has went through two of them and they are the best pencils ever.

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