the great quest for a 2007 planner

29 January 2007

The great quest began sometime mid-2006 when I realized that the new Moleskine planners coming out didn’t include the one I loved so dearly, the “visual” weekly large. I love this format because it looks like iCal – everything mapped out at a week-to-view. I didn’t like the idea of the new softcover ones, though I considered selling out and settling.

Then I found a build-your-own planner kit from Papersource, and built this:

papersource planner cover

Which was a lovely little 4.5″ x 6″ paper-covered planner. I really liked the text block, though the whole thing was a bit small and too scratchable for my taste. I used it for a few weeks, then grew restless…

Then my good friend showed me in glee her new planner! It was an Exacompta weekly visual planner – just what I’d been looking for. She got hers at Barnes and Noble before the new year, and I was out of luck when I combed through their sale pile. None left.

Vickerey was my savior. Not only did they have my dream planner in stock, but it was on sale! I promptly ordered this beauty:

exacompta planner three (outside)
exacompta planner inside (inside)

It arrived today and I couldn’t be happier. Black “ostrich-skin” cover, very flexible and soft. The paper is creamy, smooth, and slightly thicker than Moleskine paper – no bleed-through. It’s 8.25″ x 6″ – almost the same size as my old Moleskine.

I love it. The saga draws to a close for now – and I get (almost) a whole year of using my beautiful new planner. RIP, large weekly Moleskine. I miss you.


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