moleskinerie: new stamps from Magnetic Poetry

3 April 2006

Words and Crafts kit

Armand sure has a quick eye for new stuff. Here is his post on the new product from Magnetic Poetry, Words and Crafts. It's a set of 70 (or 42, for the smaller set) stamps with handles. It's supposed to have "precision placement" which makes sense as the stamp backings (usually a contoured wood block of some kind – I don't know what it's called technically) are the exact shape of the letter, allowing one to see where the letter's being placed.

They come in three different fonts: Traditional (70 pieces, upper and lower case, $20, apparently Times New Roman Bold), Classic (42 pieces, upper case only, $15, similar or perhaps identical to Copperplate Regular) and Breezy (69 pieces, upper and lower case, $20, similar to… something unidentifiably funky). I'm leaning toward Traditional, myself. These would be great for not only craft projects, but to personalize things like the Moleskine Cahier, which would take well to ink.

Go check it out. Great deal for a quality product.


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