rustico leather journals

29 March 2006

Rustico 7

Rustico 6Rustico 5

Rustico 4Rustico 3

Rustico 2Rustico 1

These exquisite leather journals, in varying sizes, closures, and colors, are available from Rustico leather goods.

From their website:

Every one of our books receives personal attention, ensuring that only the highest quality is produced. We personally hand tear the paper, hand stitch the paper into the leather, and hand cut our leather. Our Creative Designer personally inspects the books before they are sold to ensure that they represent our finest work.

I especially covet the journal shown at the top, in gorgeous brown leather with hand-torn pages. I like the tab closure – I'm not too much a fan of a string closure as it tends to get in the way while the journal is in use.

Their website seems fairly new, but go check it out. Journal prices range from the $12 3.25" square 100-page Everyday Small Journal to the $20 3.25" square 96-page Quote Book (with hand-torn thicker paper) to the aforementioned lavish $75 Travel Journal.

Rustico seems like a great establishment. Their books would be perfect for chronicling a vacation or just to carry in a purse. Their photo albums are also worth checking out.


2 Responses to “rustico leather journals”

  1. Petro Says:

    hi, hi, hi! Beautiful site.

  2. I had the opportunity to see these products in person at a trade show. They are sublime and wonderful. I was drooling over the workmanship, hand feel, and quality of the materials. Just great.

    They make a Moleskine look like a dollar store spiral-bound notebook.

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