29 March 2006

Levenger notebook

Levenger SwiftNotesLevenger card folio

Levenger sells some beautiful "tools for serious readers." I first learned about them when I was on my index card kick, but since then I've switched to my Moleskine planner and my 3×5"s are sitting on a lonely corner of my desk.

As far as notebooks, journals, and planners go, this is definitely something to look into if you're all for high quality and don't mind paying a little extra. Almost everything they carry can be monogrammed for yourself or your company, which is cool.

Shown above (from top) are a composition notebook, their SwiftNotes system (too small, alas, to hold a pocket Moleskine), and their index card accordion folder in a gorgeous green leather.

Check them out. If you have Levenger stuff already, tell me what you think of it. I'm considering investing in a nice notebook or folio.


2 Responses to “levenger”

  1. ratan Says:

    I assume the paper is acid free?

  2. Mark Feltham Says:

    I own one Levenger item — a zippered leather envelope (Levenger calls it a “tool shuttle”) containing various organizer pockets and a key clip. It’s fantastic — it holds my wallet, coin pouch, pens, cell phone, and various other small items. If you arrange the contents carefully, it will also accommodate a small moleskine.

    The quality is excellent. Unfortunately, Levenger no longer sells it.

    Based on this item alone, though, I strongly recommend Levenger products.

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