new paperblanks mini

27 March 2006

Paperblanks - mini

The new Paperblanks French Ornate Mini journal is beautiful. It's the size of a pocket Moleskine. It comes in lined or plain and has a back inside pocket. I can see someone carrying this for travel or as a fancier Moleskine alternative. It closes with a leather(ette?) strap with a magnet on the end. I've held one of these (the larger size) and they have a great feel to them. From the manufacturer:

"Exactingly printed to recreate the luminosity and look of classic era silk, our journals in shades of olive green and alluring blue are dedicated to the beautiful fabrics of the Jacquard loom silk-weaving tradition.

These unique books have a subtly weighted magnetic strap for secure closing, satin ribbon place markers and a convenient memento pouch.

4"× 5½" — 160 pages — Smythe sewn — Memento pouch — Ribbon page marker — Leather strap enclosing"


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