ciak personal journal

22 March 2006

I love my ciak journal. I use it as my personal journal (as opposed to most me my other writing supplies which I have to share with others). Shown with my Waterman fountain pen.


2 Responses to “ciak personal journal”

  1. P-O Karlsson Says:

    Nice to have you back! When I first saw your blog some time before Christmas I really liked it and looked forward to future posts. But in the new year you were suddenly disappeared and I thought for a moment that you wouldn’t do any more posts. Well, a new hope is born and I’m ready to take part of your thoughts and experiences in the lovely world of paper 🙂
    By the way, according to an earlier post, I use my Moleskine memo pockets for tickets, receipts, notes and business cards when I travel. It works pretty good and it’s a great conversation piece because it’s rare and people think it looks old-fashioned.

  2. fenglong Says:

    I mainly use Moleskine notebooks for both my work and personal, but do have couple of Ciak notebooks…Do you have any more images of your Ciak? If you do, I’d like to see some!

    Thanks 😀

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