moleskine plus cat equals delightful

19 March 2006

Even my cat Sam is in love with my Moleskine Diary.

I’ve been using it for three months now and am so pleased with it. What do you think? Have you been thrilled or disappointed with your Moleskine Diary? I have the week-at-a-glance version. I use Post-Its for my tasks. I like it.


2 Responses to “moleskine plus cat equals delightful”

  1. petercobabe Says:

    I use my Moleskine every day and have carried the lined pocket size through Africa, Europe and the US. Love it, Love ’em. Moleskine Forever.

  2. H. Wren Says:

    I like mine, but I have a habit of forgetting to write down things most days, so when I look back, it seems like i didn’t do squat about 75% of the time. This figure may not be far off the mark; nonetheless, I’d like to think that I was busier in the past.

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