1 January 2006

Ciak colors  Ciak open

To start a new year and a new decade of being alive, I bought a Ciak journal from Borders. I feel like somewhat of a Moleskine traitor.

It’s a gorgeous 5×7″ black leather (not oilcloth like Moleskine) lined blank book. It’s got a horizontal elastic around its middle, rather than the Moleskine’s vertical on the open edge. I love the feel of the very soft leather, and the creamy pages are great. The binding has a round edge, and it lays flat.

They’re available in a great number of sizes, colors, and paper styles – color, lined, blank – in the US at Borders Books and online at The official site is helpful for information only.

I certainly recommend them to anyone who likes a Moleskine, but wants more pages per book (about twice that of the Moleskine) or prefers leather. Enjoy!


4 Responses to “ciak!”

  1. Marsha Says:

    I love journals. I collect them. Don’t know why. It makes me happy.

  2. ShawnP Says:

    I’m all for the Ciak. It’s a little bulky, but hearty as hell. I carried one of these in my back pocket _every day_ until I filled it up and it showed very little wear and tear. Built like a tank. Now I carry the much smaller (and less durable) Cahier in my back pocket.

  3. Boojum Says:

    By twice as many pages I believe you mean 30 more. Which is a small addition of only 1/8…

  4. Viskous Says:

    Me? I go for Ciak. Freaking high quality paper, and when I write and even use marker, I get very little show-through the paper. (I’m an artist see.)

    Moleskine’s paper is too smooth and thin, and if wet wrinkles alot.

    Get this, I actually abused my Ciak and dunked in into the bathtub. When it dried, it wrinkled abit, but barely visible difference.

    It IS built like a tank!

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