27 November 2005

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“At BookFactory we understand the importance of documenting your work, research and inventions.

Through innovation and technology we provide the highest quality books at economical prices without requiring large runs.

We specialize in making custom Laboratory Notebooks, Engineering Notebooks, Journals, and Log Books with custom page designs, company logos, book numbers, and more, for less than you pay today.”

Not only do they produce scientific lab notebooks, but also custom journals, blank books, sketchbooks, and “inventor’s books” (whatever those are). They do have a minimum order of 40, but the prices are very good and they have a variety of sizes and colors.

For non-custom work, prices are between $10 and $20 for most books. They appear to be very high-quality and might be a fun alternative for a tech-savvy journaler.


3 Responses to “bookfactory”

  1. drifting Says:

    Why do I have this overwhelming urge to buy a metre’s worth of custom notebooks for my shelves?

  2. Diane Luby Lane Says:

    I was wondering if you would be able to create a custom notebook for me?

    Please e mail me with an address where I can send an attachment so that you can see the artwork.

    Thank you,

    Diane Luby Lane
    310 962 6696

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