cartoleria pantheon

23 November 2005
Cartoleria Pantheon, established 1910, is tucked away on a small street beside the Pantheon in Rome. I stumbled across it while on Easter break in 2003, and what a treasure for someone like me! The walls are lined with blank hand-crafted leather books, photo albums, and sketchbooks in many sizes and styles. They also sell old writing supplies – desks, fountain pens, blotters, and ink.

After spending a half hour looking and deciding, I settled on a 5.5″x7″ leatherbound traveler’s journal (similar to those seen here). The creamy paper and dark brown pebbled calfskin are exquisite. When I paid for it, the owner placed a small golden seal on the inside cover, with the name of the shop in Gothic black writing. This attention to detail and obvious love for the products in the shop was infectious and very romantic. It makes me wish I was a writer!

Unfortunately, I haven’t had many adventures to chronicle since that trip, and as such it’s still safe in the provided drawstring bag.

I highly suggest that if you are in Rome (as we all are from time to time, right?) and if you have a love for fine writing, you check out this gem of a shop.


10 Responses to “cartoleria pantheon”

  1. gary Says:

    Thank you for the nicely done site.
    While trolling I discovered
    which you might also enjoy.
    May I invite you to
    which is devoted to fountain pens?

  2. pirano Says:

    Hi, thanks for the tip on this shop, will make sure to check it out next time I’m in Rome. I finally acted on my ‘secret’ obsession and broke down last week to buy some ‘real’ journals. Just posted on it at . Cheers from Slovenia

  3. […] 1. I found another paper-based blog, papersnobbery, via Moleskinerie. Hooray! And here’s one more reason to hop on over to Rome. Yeah, yeah, as if you need it. […]

  4. ana Says:

    I found a similar shop in Venice on the Rialto Bridge called Rivoaltus. The books are made upstairs by the owner’s wife. I dragged my husband to the shop the very first day we were in Venice because I wanted a book to document our travels. The book I bought was so beautiful and was tied up so nicely that even now, three years later, I still haven’t unwrapped it from the paper.

    I was able to catch a photo of my husband waiting while the bookmaker wrapped his new journal in paper and sealed it with a stamp. To see the photo:

  5. Rylan Says:

    I was checking out the archives of Moleskinerie and found this entry. I found this little shop on a trip to Rome in 2004. If you like journals and that sort of thing then you will LOVE this place. I paid E88 (!) for a leather journal with Amalfi paper and am about to start filling it up.

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  7. Glenda Says:

    I too found the Pantheon Cartoleria, was rec. by Frederica of Home B&B in Rome. The journal was my main reason for visiting Rome … ah,ah paper!!

  8. fwendy Says:

    I discovered this website while trying to figure out via google the name of the stationary shop I stumbled across in Rome! And it was Cartoleria Pantheon.
    I love that place, and I realized, I love the premise of your blog! I cant afford TOO expensive notebooks, but I love looking over and sighing over them.

  9. Jacob Bazil Says:

    Hi,I thought I’d post and let you know that your blogs layout is really messed up on the k-melon browser.Anyhow keep up the good work

  10. ArtGirl Says:

    Ohhhh. WOW! I too am obsessed with stationery and all kinds of papery arty stuff… Guess it’s kind of a necessity as an artist really! πŸ™‚
    I found your site on Google & I think its great!
    It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this world of papery arty stuffs! πŸ˜€

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