21 November 2005

I love paper. Journals, sketchbooks, diaries, you name it. I know some of you out there must share this passion, this obsession, so here’s to you.


6 Responses to “welcome”

  1. Bob Says:

    Great site! I’ve bookmarked it and will check it out in the future. Keep it up!

  2. Gerard Says:

    What a fun site! Yes, some of us share your obsession without the foggiest idea why. It’s just always been this way. Keep up the good work!

  3. pencils Says:

    Nicely done – thanks for putting up the site! I’m looking forward to reading more.

  4. drifting Says:

    Count me among the inexplicably obsessed. While I do use fountain pens almost exclusively, I journal only sporadically and sketch infrequently, yet the shelves above my desk are full of notebooks and quality paper gathered in my physical and cyber travels. I guess they’re there for when inspiration finally strikes! I look forward to seeing more of your site. Thanks!

  5. kiwi-d Says:

    Like your site. I always look at the all the journals and notebooks in the stores, but never buy them. I think I’m afraid all those blank pages might reveal how little I have to say:) !!!! So I’ll just have to look from the sidelines.

  6. Brian Says:

    Liked the presentation of paper things which enabled me to end my search and r & d sooner.

    Things Paper and writing instruments I have found along the way: Mead 4″ x 6″ notepads are nice to have for the shirt pocket because the back & front are made of plastic and doesn’t wear out etc. On the http://www.mec.ca web site they have 2 sizes of notepads that can handle wet weather and still be written on. Didn’t buy them yet but may as soon as I overcome my pratical side of me that says who’s going to write in the rain! Try searching for notepad at http://www.mec.ca 10 color pens (in the same barrel) good for highlighting to do lists and writing color coded memos! –at dollar stores. 2 companies that make pens that write on walls, ceilings, underwater on wet and greasy surfaces are 1) Fisher Space pen and 2) the Powertank Pen made by Uni-Ball is cheaper too. The YOROPEN read–YORO PEN. This pen won 5 awards among them the Geneva design award invented by a father with 2 girls with disabilities in Japan. The peculiar L shaped end makes writing easier for all and especially left handed writers for more info do a Google search for “YOROPEN” no spaces. The classic 4 color Bic pen a classic which has replaced all the fancy pens I had for some color coded writings and notes i make at work–black, green, red and blue in the same barrel.

    all for now

    peace Brian

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